Thursday, November 25, 2021

 Religious? Sacrilegious?

Religion, you are a woman!
Object of use to all.

Your bosom full of nectar
Lights hope in weak, small.

Your easy affectionate pat
Serves to soar; cushions fall.

Yet, mercilessly, you’re trodden on
By puppeteers behind high wall.

And, shamelessly, you’re traded
For stature, for booty call.

Your outbursts, your cries, your ire
Stir storms of venom and gall.

Religion, you are indeed a woman!
Need to hit some ball.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Fairly Unfair?

They ain't, anymore, talking.
Their clamour fade.
The footpath dwellers,
The wannabe strugglers,
Or the suicide brigade.

They absolutely lost to death.
Cannot seek justice.
The living, left behind
With axes to grind
Can, only, poke at peace.

The murderers in secret
Have powerful corridor.
Their swagger lofty
Their hands nifty-
Nowhere blood nor gore.

This is since the beginning.
And last till it be.
Weak expendibles
Muted forgettables
While mighty crooks walk free.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Miss You All

He called my name.
From where he did stand.
My eyes lit up bright.
'He is a dear friend!'
Even through the mask
His smile was grand.
My teeth, too, gaped wide,
But held back my hand.
Across the street, we talked.
Words were bland.
Just - 'How are you?s'!!
And ran about our errand.
Not long ago, we hanged,
For hours on end.
Now, these new found restrains - 
We, hardly, could suspend.
All said, Corona
Once you leave our land
'll have to learn again
How to hug a friend. 

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Locked Down

"Good Morning !" the laptop beans.
The older one's class begins.
No rescue from this drama,
Of Alpha-Beta-Gama.
I might, as well, sits for exams,
've learned as much, no qualms.

The other corner's, too, occupied.
My little one, last I pried,
Is hell bent on mastering
The art of online schooling. 
Her creased forehead, I fear
So many queries, nothing clear!

There's another corner in my house.
And, also, a work-from-home-spouse.
Thank lord for making corner four.
My sanity, therein, I restore.
And sit and drool about time,
When this little home was all mine.

Saturday, June 6, 2020

The Dead Elephant

Kerela Elephant Killing

An expecting Mother

Was fed pineapple with cracker.

No need to tax imagination

For what happened further.

Everywhere in media-

Social or otherwise,

Anyone who could express-

Raised hues and cries.

All type of activists

Became active at last.

Officers, leaders (Naturally opposition)

Demanded action fast.

A “specie” who rarely shows

Kindness to their own kind,

Their rant for someone else

Sort of, blew away my mind.

I wonder how many living elephants

Appreciate our concern and support.

The dead one, above, for sure,

Should gawk at our rapport.

No amount of sufferance,

No protest vehement

Can guarantee there’ll be

No repeat of such incident.

CRUELTY is innate to all the living.

But what makes it different

Is - where others kill to survive,

Humans do, just for experiment.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Corona Diaries


How to make you scarce?
Social Distancing!
Isolation! Lockdown!
What a farce!

Hundreds live on roads
And now no work to go to
How will they sit idle -
A meter apart or even a feet?
Or, actually they will
As now, not just a road side
They have the entire street.

Hundreds live in slums
And queue for water at spouts
In houses, made of faces -
Not walls and gates?
They share the same essentials

They share the same corners
They share the same fates.
So Corona
Though guest is like God
Please don't cross over.
For you are one guest
We are not ready to abode.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Parents - Too Competetive?

The moment our teacher announces a review,
My heart goes thud, with grief undue.
No matter how long and hard I study
It will always be less than my buddy.
She sits smug with her smileys and stars
But I love my teddies and cars.
While I'm happy with whatever I score
You always want - a little more!
All day, you make me sit at my table
"No games - No I-Pad - No TV cable."
Your rules are strict, and discipline tight
I miss our hugs and moments light.
Your dreams are yours, 'DON'T DREAM FOR US'.
Sometimes I wonder - What? If I miss the bus!